To provide a hand-up to veterans who are homeless image

To provide a hand-up to veterans who are homeless

Your donation directly effects the lives of the Heroes who are working towards making positive changes in their lives.

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The Story of Passageways

The dream began in mid- 2014 and became a reality in September of 2014.This program was developed by two individuals who have worked in congregate housing and hospice for many years; providing the experience and knowledge needed to be successful.

The co-founders saw a news report about a homeless veteran who died under a bridge, alone.This was simply unacceptable and the two set about gathering information from local homeless providers.They found that there was nothing being done for homeless Veterans in the greater Wichita area.Passageways was born.

Passageways Living Center is a private, faith-based nonprofit organization providing solution-based ministry to the homeless and near homeless Veteran population in the Wichita area.Our mission is to assist the Veterans who come through our program to meet the goals they set and provide them with the means to find a place to call home.

Passageways Living Center is designed to help our veterans with a hand up, not a hand out. We provide a warm and safe environment for them to live and accomplish their goals. We provide a road map through the maze of VA programs and give them the time they need to work through the system without having to worry about where they were going to sleep or being hungry. Many of our current heroes have spent months living on the street; unable to get into the programs that would benefit them because they didn't have the resources they needed.

How can we possibly expect our veterans to return home after fighting for our freedom only to continue the fight for basic necessities like food and shelter?[JE4] While the programs available to them are wonderful, it takes time and a lot of work to complete. When they return without a support system of friends or family, they have no one to help them navigate through the maze.

In our world today, there are Veterans who went away to countries to fight for our freedom only to come home and continue the fight. They fight for a place in society; an identity; a place to call home. No Veteran should ever have to continue their fight after returning to their home soil.

Passageways, provides suitable housing options for Veterans with supportive services to maximize their available benefits. Primarily we work with single male Veterans but hope to be able to help all Veterans who feel "lost in the system".

Our Living Center provides them with the tools they need to succeed.Each individual who comes through our programs, will set goals and be provided every opportunity to meet those goals.Services are coordinated through the Veterans Administration, Salvation Army and Catholic Charities; as well as the Homeless Outreach Team of the Wichita Police Department.

With an emphasis on Christian growth, our program includes involvement in and attendance at church services; as well as weekly bible studies and spiritual counseling.

We provide them with tools to enhance their journey towards independence.Our goal is to help them achieve personal growth and increased self-worth.

Each Veteran who chooses to come to Passageways Living Center is independent and able to take care of their own basic needs.We simply provide the necessities of living.

Passageways is 100% privately funded and dependent on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and Foundations.Our participants are not required to provide any monetary contribution.

Passageways has been featured in two documentaries on KPTS, Live on the Brett and Sierra Show, and reported on by KAKE-TV and KSN-TV. We have featured documentaries on our Facebook page ( and our website (

For more information, please contact us at 316.721.1316 (Jennifer Garrison, Chief Executive Officer or Susan Moellinger, President).